WSD chemical established in 2000,we are professional engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of PVC additives. We are located in Shengzhou City,Zhejiang,China, near to Shanghai, Hangzhou ,Ningbo, YIwu .and have convenient transportation access.



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  • Metal stearates also called metal soaps, it is produced by the outside of the alkali metal oxides or salts and fatty acids

    salts.this series product mainly inluding:sodium stearate, potassium stearate,zinc stearate,calcium stearate,

    Metallic stearates, aluminium stearate, and so on,Metallic

    stearates is a kind of very important industrial raw materials, can be used as heat stabilizer, lubricant, release agent, desiccant, preservatives, abrasive, precipitation agent, water repellent agent, softening agent, thickening agent, flame retardant, anti foam agent ect, widely used in plastics, coatings, textiles, construction, daily chemical, rubber, food, oil, metal processing and other industries.