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Potassium Stearate

  • Chemicals structure of potassium stearate
    CAS No: 593-29-3 EC No:209-786-1
    Linear Formula :C18H35KO2 Molecular Weight: 322.57

    Typical Physiochemical potassium stearate properties

    Items Index
    Appearance Whit Powder
    Bulk Density 0.6-0.7
    Heating loss (105C ) 1.5max
    Free stearic acid 0.5max
    Particle Size,120mesh through rate 99.0min
    Ash(As sodium carbonate) 17

    Features & Benefits:
    It used as emulsifying agent (O/W), Gelling agent (aqueous), and thickener (aqueous)

    It is widely used in food industry as emulsifier agent, thickener,stabilizer,releasing agent .

  • 1. Potassium stearate, also named potassium soap, the cas no is 593-29-3.

    2. It Mainly used as emulsifying agent.

    3. It Mainly used on detergent industry.