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WSD chemical established in 2000,we are professional engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of PVC additives. We are located in Shengzhou City,Zhejiang,China, near to Shanghai, Hangzhou ,Ningbo, YIwu .and have convenient transportation access.

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Ba/Cd/Zn Stabilizer

  • Physical and chemical properties og ba/cd/zn stabilizer

    It based on fatty acid barium ,cadmium,zinc salts as mainly body, and mixtured with

    phosphorous acid ,antioxidant and other chemicals. liquid ba/cd/zn stabilizer is a light yellow transparent

    liquid, the apparent density is abaot 0.96g/cm3.


    Items Index
    Appearance light yellow transparent oil liquid.
    Metal content,% 8.5min
    Dendesia 25℃,g/cm3 0.985-1.025
    Viscosity, mpa • s 55 ~ 75
    color (chrome cobalt France) 500max
    Boiling point,℃ 290-330

    This product is widely used for PVC soft, semi-rigid products, have excellent thermal stability, resistance

    to quality and transparency .Mainly used on agricultural film, transparent film, sandals, leather, wallpaper ,

    flooring, soft pipes, plates and shoes

    Recommended dosage amount:
    2 ~ 3PHR


  • 1. Ba/cd/zn stabilizer is liquid complex heat stabilizer

    2. The stability better than calcium zinc stabilizer and barium zinc stabilizer

    3. liquid ba/cd/zn stabilizer Mainly used on PVC shoes