Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Luoyang Bearing Research Institute Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of "High-end, precise, advanced, unique, Non-standard" bearing products for the key units in various fields of national economic construction. Its predecessor, Luoyang Bearing Research Institute, was established in 1958. It is the only state-level comprehensive research institute in China's bearing industry. In 1999, it entered China National Machinery Industry Group Co., Ltd. and transformed into a science and technology enterprise.



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In the early 1960s, China introduced dozens of Soviet bearing testing machines and testing technologies, and established "the first bearing laboratory in China" in ZYS, which was the first to carry out bearing test research.In the 1990s, ZYS successively undertook national key projects "high-speed railway simulation bearing test technology research", "automobile bearing simulation test technology research", and carried out test technology research work in the field of civilian special bearings. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”period, ZYS undertook the national "XX bearing foundation research and development conditions construction project", with a total investment of nearly 40 million RMB, a new laboratory covering 2111 square meters, and more than 40 sets of test equipments and CNAS certification.