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stainless steel parcel boxes yoobox

YOOBOX specialized in many kinds of steel products, such as mailbox, gun cabinet, medical box, aluminum toolbox etc. Our factory occupied six thousands square meters, is one of the leading manufacture of mailbox in china.


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    • Small parcel mailboxes - the easiest choice

      The classic parcel box is a slightly smaller mailbox that is hung on a parcel mailboxes post or similar. This model is easy to assemble , and it is usually enough if you empty the mailbox a couple of times a week (especially if you put up a "No advertising please" notice on the mailbox). A small mailbox can also hold smaller packages, but then it quickly becomes full.

      The weekly parcel boxes - a smarter choice

      If you want to avoid worrying about the mailbox being full, a weekly mailbox may be the optimal choice. This model requires a little more time when assembling , but holds a lot of mail . If you buy a parcel mailbox, it can even hold slightly larger parcels. With a mailbox of this type, you never have to worry about the mailbox becoming overcrowded when you travel.

      Lockable mailboxes - for secure mail handling

      A mailbox with a lock can be a really good investment. Knowing that your mail is in safe custody until you pick it up is a great feeling. Lockable mailboxes are available as both top-loading and front-loading versions.

      Stainless steel parcel boxes - several materials to choose from

      When you invest in a mailbox, you want it to last a long time. A mailbox made of plastic can last a very long time, but is more affected by the changes of seasons and UV radiation than a parcel mailboxes made of metal. If you choose a metal mailbox, stainless steel is the absolute best material, although galvanized steel that has been painted will also keep your mail safe for many years.

      A Drop mailBoxes that will secure your parcels

      For obvious reasons, every home or building needs a Drop mailBoxes. It is where parcels that have not been picked up by household members, employees or simply owners of the property go. The task of the box is to protect documents and other correspondence not only against theft, but also accidental damage, for example due to weather conditions. For this reason, the Drop mailBoxes is invaluable and should be a part of any interior.

      Although you usually wait for correspondence delivered by couriers and postmen, it is not only it that ends up in the boxes. Often the mailbox is also used for receiving documents. This is important for some commercial premises where there is no direct, permanent customer service and where access to the building is possible around the clock. If you have, for example, an accounting office, you can hang a mailbox into which your clients will upload documents.

      Leaflets are a big problem in many places. Sometimes the Drop mailBoxes becomes so full of them after a few days that there is no place for letters or other correspondence in it. To avoid this, it is worth investing in a box with a special place for leaflets. Such a solution, but created only with leaflets in mind, will be perfect for multi-family buildings.