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WSD chemical established in 2000,we are professional engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of PVC additives. We are located in Shengzhou City,Zhejiang,China, near to Shanghai, Hangzhou ,Ningbo, YIwu .and have convenient transportation access.

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Pigment blue 15:1

  • Pigment blue 15:1

    1. Product Name

    Trade Name: Fast Blue BS

    C.I. Number: Pigment Blue 15:1

    CAS Number: 12239-87-1

    EU Number: 205-685-1

    Chamical Family: Phthalocyanine

    2. Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties

    Molecular Weight: 576-610

    Molecular Formula: C32H15 ClCuN8

    P.H. Value: 7.0-8.0

    Density: 1.8

    Oil Absorption(ml/100g): 35-45

    Light Fastness: 7

    Heat Resistance: 200℃

    Water Resistance: 5

    Oil Resistance: 5

    Acid Resistance: 5

    Alkali Resistance: 5

    3. Application

    Shade: Reddish Blue

    Main Application: Solvent-Based Paint, Offset Ink, Water-Based Ink, Industrial Paint, Plastics,

    Rubber And Textile Printing, Stationar