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WSD chemical established in 2000,we are professional engaged in the research, development, production, sale and service of PVC additives. We are located in Shengzhou City,Zhejiang,China, near to Shanghai, Hangzhou ,Ningbo, YIwu .and have convenient transportation access.

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Antioxidant 1010

  • Irganox 1010

    1.Antioxidant 1010 is one phenolic antioxidants

    2.Antioxidant 1010 also named irganox 1010

    3.Irganox 1010 mainly used on plastics, rubber

  • Product name

    Antioxidant 1010, irganox 1010,phenolic antioxidants

    Chemical name:

    Pentaerythritol tetrakis[3-(3',5'-di-tert-butyl-4'-hydroxyphenyl)propionate]

    Molecular formula: C73H108O12

    Property of irganox 1010:

    Phenolic antioxidants is white or light yellow powder; soluble in benzene, acetone,

    lightly soluble in ethyl alcohol and insoluble in water.

    Technical index of antioxidant 1010

    Appearance:white powder

    Melting point110.0℃ -125.0℃

    Ash content: â‰¤0.01%

    Volatile matter: â‰¤0.50%

    Solubility: clear

    Light transmittance: â‰¥96.0%(425mm)≥98.0%(500mm)

    Main content: â‰¥94.0%

    Effective components: â‰¥98.0%


    antioxidant 1010 is one phenol antioxidant and  widely used in polyethylene,polypropylene,

    polyester, polyurethane, polyformaldehyde,  ABS resin and other products.


    25kg/paper box with inner plastic bag