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Changzhou Huiya Decoration Materials Co. LTD.

HUIYA Inc. is a manufacturer specializing in anti-static raised floor, the company is an family operating business and own 100 employees, the plant covers an area of 30,000 square meters, the company has advanced machinery and equipment Production lines, products include OA network floor, anti-static floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-core floor, ceramic floor, and air-flow floor systems.We are proud to be 100% indigenous manufacturers of Raised Access Floors. We have implemented comprehensive procedures to monitor each and every inventory that comes into our facility.

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Die-casting Solid Aluminum Raised Floor Panel

  • Huiya solid Aluminum raised floor panels are used in cleanrooms. Each aluminum raised floor panel comprises finely machined die-cast aluminum and is intended for use in a sterile environment. It's corrosion-resistant, simple to put together, lightweight, and comes in a range of tile finishes. In cleaning rooms, die-casting aluminum raised floors to provide a robust […]

  • Condition: New
    Payments: Telegraphic Transfer / Letter of Credit at sight
    Shipping method: Support Sea Freight.
    Export Country: Shipping From China
    Delivery: Estimated 50-250SQM/2 weeks preparation.
    Estimated 500-100000SQM( Two Weeks Preparation and 1 day for 500SQM).
    Sample: Sample is Free and International Delivery Fee Paid by Customer
    Container Loading: 500SQM/20ft Container
    MOQ: No Quantity Limitation
    Returns: Does not accept returns

  • Aluminum Raised Floor Specification

    • The anti-static floor series' outstanding substrate and conductor can quickly discharge static electricity to the ground.
    • Lightweight, yet not at the expense of performance. Surrounding support, integrated structure, super load-bearing, and pressure resistance, up to 1.5 tons per square meter of load-bearing.
    • Using super glue to adhere the veneer, there is no foaming or degumming, static electricity is successfully avoided, and the body has high strength and wears resistance.
    • Superior environmental protection; items can be recycled and reused multiple times without depreciation.
    • Depending on the use environment, a blind plate type or a perforated type with varying ventilation can be selected.

    Aluminum Raised Floor Advantages

    1:It has excellent corrosion resistance.

    Corrosion-resistant flooring is required in many IT environments. The die-cast aluminum raised floor system is a cost-efficient and practical technique to keep concrete floor surfaces from rusting. It aids in the prevention of high-end machine and IT equipment damage.

    2:The raised floor is made of die-cast aluminum, which is both environmentally friendly and recyclable.

    Die casting is the most environmentally friendly of all current production technologies, as it embodies the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Other raised floor production processes produce a more considerable carbon impact than this energy-efficient technology.

    3:The raised floor is made of die-cast aluminum, which is lightweight and extremely sturdy.

    Die-cast aluminum equipment is lightweight and resistant to the harshest operating conditions. It's long-lasting, strong, and rigid, with excellent dimensional stability.

    4:The installation of a die-cast aluminum raised floor is simple.

    Die casting's most significant feature is its efficiency and ergonomic design, which provides engineers with a simple installation method.