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HUIYA Inc. is a manufacturer specializing in anti-static raised floor, the company is an family operating business and own 100 employees, the plant covers an area of 30,000 square meters, the company has advanced machinery and equipment Production lines, products include OA network floor, anti-static floor, calcium sulfate floor, wood-core floor, ceramic floor, and air-flow floor systems.We are proud to be 100% indigenous manufacturers of Raised Access Floors. We have implemented comprehensive procedures to monitor each and every inventory that comes into our facility.


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  • Guide to ESD TILE Elevated Floor

    Picking the Right ESD Flooring typically comes as a responsibility to guard the properties from unforeseen shock. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is seen as the undetectable danger to digital components, systems, and also other-critical procedures. Any kind of lack of knowledge, particularly in the building of floor, can harm the equipment's as well as the business can deal with a downtime. So just how ESD raised floor can be valuable? ESD raised flooring has actually located really valuable in getting rid of the threat of arbitrary ESD events as well as does meet the most up to date industry-approved company floor covering standards.

    ESD Raised Floor in a tech-oriented premises can make sure the following advantages:

    Static Discharge Control-- ESD increased flooring minimizes the injury caused by static electrical energy.

    Safeguard people and tools's-- ESD floor covering ensures individuals and tools's are grounded in static delicate setting.

    Toughness-- ESD Elevated Flooring is made from industrial quality and also resilient product.

    Low maintenance-- Installation as well as upkeep of ESD flooring is basic and also straightforward. It can additionally be positioned over existing floorings and also cane be sealed quickly.

    9 Commandments of ESD raised Floor

    1. Analyze your setting i.e. Where the flooring will be mounted? Is it in a rigorously managed ESD secured location? This evidently assists in choosing the elevated floor of specific specifications and even conserves you from mishappening.

    2. Obtain professionals to check static-control terms. Static-control terminology varies per job (such as call facility, data center, or contemporary offices). Hence, for accurate estimation, we'd recommend calling a professional for a knowledgeable decision.

    3. Assess your budget plan i.e., what's your total investment value? It is necessary to check out all the choices as well as possibilities under your budget plan. Do think about maintenance and repair as part of the first investment.

    4. Hire Trusted Supplier. A trusted vendor finishes the job with precision as well as supplies 100% fulfillment. Having a trusted supplier also aids you to adhere with all the procedures and also needed specifications required for the best ESD floor covering.

    5. Footwear Kind. Footwear impacts the performance of ESD-raised flooring. While assessing the flooring spec, it is suggested to take into account sort of footwear made use of in the workplace.

    6. Matching flooring with sector requirements. Matching flooring with the market standard is possibly among one of the most important jobs in the installment of ESD elevated flooring-- as well as just couple of are capable of supplying best in course work.

    7. Inspecting toughness. Sturdiness requirements of ESD elevated flooring covers panel systems, grounding criteria as well as grasping. This helps in learning the specifications suitable for high or reduced website traffic areas.

    8. Examining the conductivity. Ensure the flooring supplies a risk-free passage to the ground. HUIYA experts discover the pleasant spot for conductivity and procced faithfully with installations.

    9. Contrasting Sorts Of Floor Covering. ESD raised flooring comes in various type such as ESD Rug Ceramic Tile, ESD Solid Vinyl Floor Tile, as well as ESD Rubber. Each of them has a separate efficiency criterion and meets ANSI/ESD requirement.

    ESD Elevated Flooring : Installment as well as Upkeep

    Similar to any type of flooring, ESD needs accurate installation and upkeep efforts. Though maintenance is DIY pleasant, installment frequently needs a specialist support.

    Before setup, offer a close look at the premises i.e., the floor problem, is the concrete ready for installment? Does the flooring need leveling? Moreover, constantly examine the moisture in the subfloor for vapor or dampness problems.

    In contrast to other elevated flooring units, ESD elevated floors are a specialized product as well as calls for a well assumed consideration. For the best possible result, we would suggest onboarding a seasoned installment.

    Setup Overview of ESD Increased Floor

    Flooring Problem-- Is the flooring leveled or covered? If there are cracks or abnormalities, it should be filled immediately.

    Concrete Problems-- Some concrete flooring like New (eco-friendly) concrete takes nearly 90 days to heal. This is due to the high moisture material; adhesives will not adhere to green concrete without applying the ideal skim coat.

    Wetness Problem in Flooring-- Condition under and also around the flooring must additionally be extensively reviewed for tasks related to wetness, water clog, drain, as well as an aquifer. Keep in mind, dealing with wetness can be pricey. Nonetheless, with correct coating, the trouble can be swiftly dealt with.

    Kinds of Setup-- ESD Floor can be installed by various approaches. You need to pick your installation process intelligently. HUIYA sticks to the one-to-one positioning method, overlap setups, panel manufacturing facility lamination, and hard-surface free-lay installments. The kind of installment is mostly relying on the design criteria as well as property conditions.

    Market conformity-- ESD Elevated Floor Installers have to satisfy the industry conformity i.e. ANSI/ESD S20.20 in combination. This is something we particularly pat attention to throughout elevated floor setup.

    Have Questions? Call us.

    HUIYA remains in the business of elevated flooring (setup and fixing) for virtually a decade. Driven by technology as well as backed by a team of professionals, we bring innovation in raised flooring setup-- helping you to reveal all the opportunities. For even more details, work demo and also samples, do call us today.


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