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Bieri Hydraulik AG

Our TT Electronics pressure switches are available in many materials and are mechanically robust and reliable. The range is suitable for most gases and liquids.

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    +41 319700909

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Pressure switches - Bieri Hydraulik AG

Hydraulik, Hydraulics, Bieri-Hydraulik

Our TT Electronics pressure switches are available in many materials and are
mechanically robust and reliable. The range is suitable for most gases and

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Company Summary Nature of business: Bieri Hydraulik AG with its staff of Swiss professionals has more than 60 years experience in the development, manufacture and sales of quality hydraulics extending from standard high pressure components to special solutions - covering all pressure ranges up to 1000 bar. Branch: • Bieri Hydraulik AG, Schwadernaustr. 65, CH-2558 Aegerten BE (CH), Tel: +41 (0)32 373 17 22, Fax: +41 (0)32 373 10 89, i***@bierihydraulics.com Partner company: • FLUIDAP, Avenue du Château, FR-95310 Saint Ouen l'Aumône (FR), Tel: +33 134 307 500, Fax: +33 134 307 579, f***@fluidap.com • HYDAC EOOD, Business Center Iskar Yug, München-Str. 14, BG-1528 Sofia (BG), Tel: +359 2 970 60 00, Fax: +359 2 970 60 75, o***@hydac.bg • SOCIETÉ SAVOISIENNE DE VERINS HYDRAULIQUES, 4, 6, avenue du 8 mai 1945 - B.P.57, FR-73202 Albertville Cedex (FR), Tel: +33 479 320 213, Fax: +33 479 370 121, s***@wanadoo.fr • HYDAC S.p.A., Via Archimede, 76, IT-20041 Agrate Brianza (MI) (IT), Tel: +39 039 64 22 11, Fax: +39 039 68 99 68 2, h***@hydac.it • Litas Hydraulik-Messtechnik-Systeme, Brotweg 10, DE-65606 Villmar (DE), Tel: +49 6482 91 53 0, Fax: +49 6482 91 53 22, L***@t-online.de • HYCOM B.V., Antillen 43, NL-7333 PE Apeldoorn (NL), Tel: +31 55 541 52 33, Fax: +31 55 543 06 00, i***@hycom.nl • A Z B Hydraulik GmbH, Im Tal 95, D-45529 Hattingen (DE), Tel: +49 (0) 2324 90 40 14, Fax: +49 (0) 2324 90 40 56, m***@azbhydraulik.de • ARATRON Kurt Wiig AS, Skvadronveien 25, NO-4050 Sola (NO), Tel: +47 51 71 99 00, Fax: +47 51 71 99 01, p***@aratronkurtwiig.no • Voith Turbo Ltd., 6 Beddington Farm Road, Croydon, GB-Surrey CR0 4XB, United Kingdom (GB), Tel: +44 208 667 0333, Fax: +44 208 667 0403, c***@voith.co.uk Statutory auditors: • Curator Revision AG, Zürich General Information
  • Year established 1952
  • Handelsregister-Nr. CHE-105.965.299
  • Legal form Limited company
  • Corporate capital 500,000 CHF
  • Type of company Head Office
  • VAT CHE-105.965.299 MwSt
  • Fax +41 319700910
  • Website http://www.bierihydraulics.com
  • Associations
  • GOP
  • Swissmem
  • Import Area : Central/East Europe, Western Europe, North America Export Area : Worldwide Certifications
  • Type: ISO 9001:2008 2012
  • Employees
  • On site 50-99 Employees
  • Company 50-99 Employees
  • Main activities

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Pumps, geared
  • Pumps, hydraulic pressure test
  • Pumps, oil hydraulic
  • Pumps, by use
  • Pumps, high temperature
  • Pumps, explosion proof
  • Pumps, abrasion resistant
  • Pumps, corrosion resistant
  • Pumps, proportioning
  • Pumps for liquid fuels
  • Pumps for hot liquids
  • Pumps for viscous products
  • Pumps, hydraulic press feed
  • Pumps, paper, cardboard and cellulose industry
  • Pumps for liquids to customer specification
  • Pumps NES
  • Pumps, steel
  • Pumps, stainless steel
  • Pumps, self-priming
  • Pumps, iron
  • Pumps, aluminium alloy
  • Pumps, three-throw ram (triplex)
  • Pumps, high pressure
  • Pumps, engine driven
  • Pumps, variable delivery
  • Pumps, piston
  • Pumps, reciprocating, piston
  • Secondary activities

  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Cable cutters, hydraulic
  • Nut splitters, hydraulic
  • Rescue equipment, hydraulic
  • Dashpots and dampers, hydraulic
  • Power packs, hydraulic
  • Valves, hydraulically operated
  • Hydraulic equipment for presses
  • Pressure switches, hydraulic
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Hydraulic controls for presses
  • Oil hydraulic equipment
  • Power packs, oil hydraulic
  • Oil hydraulic equipment to customer specification
  • Actuators and jacks, mechanical
  • Actuators, hydraulic
  • Level measuring and control equipment for liquids
  • Components for level gauges
  • Pumps NES
  • Pumps, hand
  • Miniature pumps
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Valves, hydraulic, mechanically operated
  • Valves, hydraulic, motorised
  • Valves, hydraulic, flow control
  • Valves, hydraulic, directional control
  • Valves, hydraulic, shut-off or stop
  • Valves, water hydraulic, check/non-return
  • Valves, water hydraulic, solenoid
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Cylinders, hydraulic
  • Cylinders, hydraulic, bridge building
  • Oil hydraulic valves
  • Valves, oil hydraulic, manually operated
  • Valves, oil hydraulic, flow control
  • Valves, oil hydraulic, proportional and directional
  • Oil hydraulic cylinders
  • Cylinders, oil hydraulic, single acting
  • Cylinders, oil hydraulic, double acting
  • Power transmissions
  • Gears
  • Industrial gearboxes
  • Variable speed equipment for industrial power transmission
  • Metal presses, hydraulic
  • Presses, hydraulic, screw, for metals
  • Presses, hydraulic, C-frame/gap frame, for metals
  • Presses, hydraulic, bench, for metals
  • Presses, hydraulic, arbor/mandrel, for metals
  • Presses, hydraulic, metal tube or pipe working
  • Presses, hydraulic, to customer specification
  • Machinery and equipment for the food industry NES
  • Pumps, food industry
  • Oil and gas pumping machinery and equipment
  • Pumps, oilfield
  • Petroleum refinery plant and equipment
  • Pumps, oil refinery
  • Pumps, mining
  • Pumps for civil engineering and the building industry
  • Pumps, building and construction
  • Other classifications(for some countries)


    Freqntly Asked Questions regarding Bieri Hydraulik AG

    • What is Bieri Hydraulik AG's official website?

      Bieri Hydraulik AG's official website is bierihydraulics.com

    • What is Bieri Hydraulik AG's tel?

      Bieri Hydraulik AG's Tel: +41 319700909

    • What are Bieri Hydraulik AG's key figure?

      Bieri Hydraulik AG has key figure: Employees On site 50-99 Employees Company 50-99 Employees

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