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ABC Packaging Ltd

We are one of the UK's leading packaging companies. Talk with our expert packaging manufacturers and packaging suppliers today. Call now.

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    Business & Technology Centre Radway Green United Kingdom

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Brief Introduction

Foil Blocking & Hot Foil Stamping Packaging

We are one of the UK's leading packaging companies. Talk with our expert packaging manufacturers and packaging suppliers today. Call now.

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Company information A B C Packaging Ltd Presentation If you are considering a change of design to update your company image and improve market share, please take advantage of our experience in packaging design. Alternatively, if you are looking for a packaging supplier who values your business and does not just take your orders for granted, then you will find a refreshing approach at ABC Packaging Ltd where old fashioned values and customer service work hand in hand with up to the minute technology. Carton Packaging: Printed Folding Cartons; Header Cards; Rigid Cartons; Corrugated Cartons. Flexible Packaging: Printed Polythene & Polypropylene Bags; PVC Bags; Laminate Bags. General Information Year established 1993 Registration no 02776878 Legal form Private Limited Type of company Head Office Fax +44 1785 761222 Website http://www.abcpackaging.co.uk Certifications
  • Type: ISO 14001
  • Type: ISO 9001
  • Employees
  • Company 50-99 Employees
  • Secondary activities

  • Food processing services
  • Food packaging services
  • Textile fibres, man-made
  • Staple fibres, man-made
  • Staple fibres, polyolefin
  • Fabrics, man-made fibres
  • Fabrics, polypropylene (PP)
  • Bags and sacks, textile
  • Sacks and bags, cotton
  • Sacks and bags, woven, man-made fibres
  • Bags, textile, woven, printed and promotional
  • Furniture and fixtures, sales space
  • Stationery articles
  • Greetings cards
  • Albums and files
  • Binders, stationery
  • Publishing: Diaries and calendars
  • Diaries and calendars, advertising
  • Adhesive labels
  • Adhesive and self-adhesive tapes and rolls
  • Corrugated paper and board
  • Wrapping paper and paper packaging materials
  • Packaging materials, paper
  • Paper bags and sacks for packaging
  • Bags, paper, lined and/or coated
  • Paper bags and sacks for packaging, by use
  • Carrier bags, paper
  • Packagings, paper and cardboard, for food products
  • Boxes, fibreboard, for the food industry
  • Cardboard packagings
  • Cartons, cardboard or paperboard
  • Cartons, cardboard or paperboard, printed
  • Cartons and cases, corrugated fibreboard
  • Cases, cardboard
  • Cartons, corrugated cardboard, to customer specification
  • Cardboard packagings by use
  • Containers, corrugated cardboard, for dangerous chemicals
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Boxes, cardboard or paperboard
  • Boxes, fibreboard
  • Boxes, cartons and containers, corrugated cardboard or paperboard
  • Cardboard boxes, by use
  • Boxes, fibreboard, for the pharmaceutical industry
  • Flatbed printing: letterpress and offset-photolithography
  • Intaglio printing
  • Printing services, lenticular
  • Screen printing
  • Screen printing services for advertising and display
  • Printing specialities
  • Printing services for packagings, covers and boxes
  • Printing services, specific surfaces
  • Printing services on plastic bags
  • Printing services on three-dimensional (3D) material
  • Plastic foams
  • Packagings, expanded/foam plastic
  • Plates and panels, plastic
  • Plates, polyethylene (PE)
  • Plates, polyethylene (PE) composites
  • Plates, polypropylene (PP)
  • Panels, corrugated plastic
  • Sheet and film, plastic
  • Sheet, plastic, porous
  • Sheet and film, plastic, by use
  • Tapes and straps, plastic
  • Pipes, tubes, ducts and hoses, plastic
  • Tubing, polypropylene (PP)
  • Pipes and tubes, polyethylene (PE)
  • Tubing, plastic, reinforced
  • Pipes, tubes, ducts and hoses, plastic, by use
  • Pipes and tubes, plastic, for water
  • Pipes and tubes, plastic, for gas
  • Flooring, roofing and wall coverings, plastic, for the building industry
  • Linings, plastic, for pools, reservoirs and silos
  • Plastic packagings
  • Packagings, polyethylene (PE)
  • Packagings, polypropylene (PP)
  • Film, plastic, packaging
  • Packaging sleeves, plastic
  • Blister packs, plastic
  • Bubble cushioned materials, plastic, for packaging
  • Plastic boxes and cases
  • Plastic containers
  • Plastic casks, drums and cans
  • Bottles and packaging tubes, plastic
  • Bags and sacks, plastic
  • Bags and sacks, polyethylene (PE)
  • Bags and sacks, polypropylene (PP) film
  • Bags, plastic, resealable
  • Bags, plastic, with zip or slide fastener
  • Bags, plastic, printed
  • Bags, plastic, to customer specification
  • Bags and sacks, plastic, by use
  • Carrier bags, plastic
  • Bags and film, plastic, for freezing (freezer bags and film)
  • Sanitary ware, plastic
  • Bathroom fittings, mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP)
  • Coatings and coverings, plastic, industrial use
  • Pallet covers and liners, plastic
  • Plastic products, industrial use
  • Plastic products for the refrigeration industry
  • Plastic products for the mining industry
  • Plastic products for the sports and leisure industries
  • Plastic products, for the printing industry
  • Plastic products for the paper and pulp industries
  • Plastic articles for shops and supermarkets
  • Labels, tags and price tickets, plastic
  • Plastic articles for office use
  • Ring binders, plastic
  • Sheet protectors and sleeves, plastic
  • Envelopes, plastic, for mailing
  • Biodegradable plastic products
  • Bags, plastic, photodegradable or biodegradable
  • Precursors for polymerisation
  • Polyethylenes (PE)
  • Brush and broom making machinery
  • Production machinery for sports and leisure equipment
  • Plastic extrusion equipment and machinery
  • Extruders for plastic film or sheet
  • Filing systems
  • Pencils and pencil parts
  • Pens and pen parts
  • Office machinery and equipment NES
  • Document binding machinery and equipment, office
  • Promotional articles and corporate giftware
  • Bags, sacks and shopping bags, promotional
  • Publicity panels
  • Noticeboards
  • Signs
  • Display stands
  • Canning plant and equipment
  • Bottling plant and equipment
  • Bag filling machinery and equipment
  • Bag or sack filling machines for liquids and semi-solid products
  • Wrapping machinery and equipment
  • Packaging contractors
  • Packaging services in cartons
  • Plastic processing services
  • Processing services for polyethylene (PE)
  • Thermoplastics processing services
  • Extruding services for thermoplastics
  • Thermosetting plastic contractors
  • Processing services for aminoplastics
  • Domestic and industrial waste collection and recycling equipment (NES)
  • Containers, plastic, for refuse
  • Industrial design consultants
  • Packaging design consultants
  • Product research and development
  • Corrugated box and carton manufacture consultants
  • Other classifications(for some countries)

    SIC (GB 2007) : Manufacture of paper and paperboard containers other than sacks and bags (17219) NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) : Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboard (1721) ISIC 4 (WORLD) : Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboard (1702)


    Freqntly Asked Questions regarding ABC Packaging Ltd

    • Where are ABC Packaging Ltd's headquarters?

      ABC Packaging Ltd's headquarters are in Business & Technology Centre
      Radway Green
      United Kingdom

    • What is ABC Packaging Ltd's official website?

      ABC Packaging Ltd's official website is abcpackaging.co.uk

    • What is ABC Packaging Ltd's tel?

      ABC Packaging Ltd's Tel: 01270444777

    • When was ABC Packaging Ltd established?

      ABC Packaging Ltd was founded in: 1993.0

    • What are ABC Packaging Ltd's key figure?

      ABC Packaging Ltd has key figure: Employees Company 50-99 Employees

    • What is ABC Packaging Ltd's twitter?

      ABC Packaging Ltd's twitter is: twitter.com/abcpackaging

    • What is ABC Packaging Ltd's linkedin?

      ABC Packaging Ltd's linkedin is: https://linkedin.com/company/abc-packaging-ltd